Safe, Reliable & Successful Lifting Operations Highly Depend
On A Comprehensive Inspection Strategy For Lifting Equipment And Crane
At Globalland, inspections of Lifting Equipment are performed and documented according to statutory, class and company requirements. Our inspections have the necessary external and internal approvals to perform the inspections and the control according to valid requirements for the specific equipment type or category.
Approved procedures and checklists covering the scope of work of the specific inspection are used and the results are documented on equipment, one of the modules of our inspection software, as well as our clients’ systems when applicable.

Inspections & Services

GLOBALLAND MARINE SERVICES SDN BHD specializes in marine cranes and offshore cranes. We provide a wide range of standard applications accordance with specific customer requirements.
Our competencies within marine crane and lifting gear include:
  • Development and production of customized solutions
  • Annual and Five-yearly Inspections as per Regulations Standard ILO/Lloyd/LEEA
  • Inspections, testing all Type of Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear
  • Repair work of Cranes and Winches
  • Test, such as Load Testing up to 500 Tons
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Authorized CRALOG Services Provider
  Inspections & Services

Range Of Lifting Equipment Inspection Services

Range Of Lifting Equipment Inspection Services  
  • Installed Wire Ropes
  • Wire Tension Measuring
  • Rocking test on Cranes
  • Brake tests
  • Bollard pull tests
  • Destruction test for Lifting Equipment Test Samples
  • Anchor bolt pull out tests
  • Installation survey of Lifting Equipment
  • Preparation of Terminations/ Socketing of Wire Ropes
  • Spooling Services (Replacing of Wire Ropes using an External Winch) Pressure Lubrication of Wire Ropes
  • NDT
We, GLOBALLAND MARINE SERVICES SDN BHD societies with our partner, CRALOG DENMARK that has been approved by all flag states and leading classification. We are also capable of inspecting all type of marine cranes, gangways, lifeboats, davits and release gear from any manufacturer, or any kind of vessel and any flag state. Our expertise within marine cranes and lifting gear is at your disposal anywhere in the world onboard vessels in port or at shipyards.
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