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Lifting gear inspection is a detailed visual and operational inspection whereby individual lifting gear items are examined to ensure their integrity and ongoing safe operation for lifting operations. Lifting gear inspections are performed on a regular basis depending on the standards and specifications of the equipment and its usage. Generally, 6 monthly inspection is used as the guideline.
Globalland Marine has the capability to inspect all fixed and loose lifting gear types including:
1. All lifting machines (chain blocks, lever hoists, pulling machines etc)
2. All loose lifting tackle (slings, shackles, webbing and so forth)
3. Padeyes, Runway beams, Swing Jibs
4. Air winches, tuggers and other similar units
5. Baskets, containers, skips, gas racks and lifting frames
6. Anchor winches and associated plus towing assemblies
  Lifting Appliances
In addition to lifting gear inspection Globalland Marine Services can perform load test inspections compliant with international standards and codes.
The main NDT inspection techniques used for lifting gear inspections are:
1. Close Visual Inspection
2. Magnetic Particle Testing
3. UTM
4. Eddy Current Testing
5. Load Testing
6. Bolt Testing
7. Other as required
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At Globalland Marine, inspections of lifting equipment are performed and documented according to statutory, class and company requirements. Our inspections have internal approvals to perform the inspections and the control according to valid requirements for the specific equipment type or category. Approved professional covering the scope of work of the specific inspection are used and the results are documented on Equip, one of the modules of our inspection software, as well as when applicable.
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